Tuesday, July 10, 2012

God Made It - We Care For It

"God Made It -We Care For it " Isn't this essentially the starting point of our biblical understanding of what the world is and how we are to live in it? All the earth is the Lord's - God calls it all Good - and we are to care for it. Last month, we took a ride out on the Roughwater with Captain Rachel to learn about the environment and the nautical life that exists right outside of our church, on the creeks behind and around Olivet. We examined the Oyster reefs, emptied eel pots, crab pots and even got to see a toad fish up close. God's creation is amazing.
 This week, our church began a multi-generational lesson on God's love for God's creation involves the whole community. On Tuesday, the children's chapel participants went on a nature hike before worship and then gathered in church for a kid-friendly worship service on Genesis 1. They concluded their time with arts and crafts and prayer. The toddlers (and even us old people) got much joy from singing "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands" - a crowd pleaser, for sure.
The God Squad is prepared to make a difference in the environment in our own neighborhood. We will install a rain barrel later this week and  hit the road for a neighborhood road clean up. Be on the look out for the God Squad - and if you don't see them in action, you will certainly get to hear about it on Sunday morning at church.

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