Sunday, June 10, 2012

To Church by Boat

In 1912,  Rev. Heavener served as pastor of both Solomons & Olivet Methodist Episcopal Churches. He and his family would travel by boat from Solomons to Olivet in order to deliver the sermon in our then brand new sanctuary.
This year, the sanctuary turns 100 years old and to commemorate the occasion, the pastors took a boat to church as a reenactment of our past.

Thanks to the Calvert Marine Museum for the gift of a complimentary ride on the Tennyson - Thanks to Bunky's for allowing us to dock near Solomon's Church - and thanks to the Wilsons for allowing us to dock at their home in Olivet, where we concluded our trip with a breakfast and worship service on their back deck.

The history of our churches really came to life as we approached each church from the water, seeing our steeple while out on the river. Indeed, it brought great meaning to one of Olivet's favorite hymns "Let's go down to the river to pray"!

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