Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hot as Haiti - God Squad Week 2

The temperature at Olivet this morning was already record highs as the cars began pulling up with women unloading their sewing machines, irons and fabric to begin a day of sewing cool sundresses for the children in Haiti.

Perfect weather to illustrate how cool and refreshing the simple dress will be  in a country of extreme poverty and heat.

The girls modeling the dress loved them, too. It's a joy to see them excited to wear them - because if our girls like them, the girls we send them are bound to like them, too.
Our "scriptural theme" at Olivet this week is based on Jesus' commandment to Love Your Neighbor as yourself. The Whole God Squad took the commandment into their own expression of what it means to love your neighbor. Over 30 people joined today to love neighbors in different ways near and far.
The Sundress Project was co-ordinated by Marian Underwood who stumbled across the idea several weeks ago. This project sends love to girls in Haiti - a far away neighbor.

Another portion of the God Squad loved a neighbor in the nearby town of St. Leonard with some much needed lawncare - and she responded in love by cooking a delicious lunch.

The youngest segment of the God Squad reminded us that neighbors are not just people - neighbors sometimes have fur. This group completed their clothing drive for The Spot Thrift Store that uses proceeds to spay and neuter dogs and cats to prevent over-population.

A full day of loving our neighbors far and wide! Good work God Squad.

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