Monday, June 1, 2009

When the Holy Spirit Rains...

There is a saying
that a long-time
Olivet person just told me,
"Rain before 7, clear by 11".
I had never heard that before.
And if I had, then when I awoke to thunderstorms at 5am on Pentecost Sunday, I wouldn't have thought we needed to cancel the picnic.
Well, you can see by the pictures that the old saying was right - and that I was of little faith. The weather was clear, sunny and gorgeous by the time we celebrated on Mary and Ray's lawn next to the church.
Earlier in the week, I ran into Mary (whose lawn we enjoyed) at the store and she told me that Olivet's picnic was listed in the county newspaper. That's great! I thought.. until I heard that it also included the location as being at her house. Fortunately, no one who arrived welcomed themselves to her refridgerator.

Bob's twin grandbabies were the youngest people present - and in the picture above, you see three generations! I think that in the photo below, Kelly may be taking scripture literally and is concerned about a tongue of fire that has appeared above Ron's head - and she is trying to extinguish it. I don't know. These photos are all by Dave Jones. Keep sending em!


Anonymous said...

When things like the rain, then clearing up so we could have the picnic is only because of the Love of God. Yes, God truly blessed us. We should all be thanking him every time we offer up a prayer to him. Olivet is surely blessed.

Anonymous said...

That was one of the best picnics I have ever been to. So many great
people, such great food and the fun was just to amazing.
Can't wait for the next one.

Anonymous said...

It was a great time and I think everyone who went enjoyed it!!!!