Sunday, June 21, 2009

We went down to the river...

Thanks to the Youngers for allowing us to gather on their dock.

The prayer of sanctification over the water - there is something very profound about saying those words of God's awesome power while standing in a cold river. Just days before, we had been to the same spot to look it over, when a snake appeared. This morning, the snake was sleeping but the jelly fish were visiting.

Our robes, in this photo, seem to depict us floating. However, our feet are being slowly swallowed by the mud. Only 1 flip-flop was lost.

Photos from the baptism at Olivet on Father's day 2009 by a very proud father.


Anonymous said...

It was just such a peaceful time as we gathered for this baptism down at the river.

Anonymous said...

You can think of the mud as God's loving hands holding you firm as you all made a firm commitment to him. I personally think baptism under the water to be so spiritual. May God's blessings be on all.