Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dogs in Church

If you have a pet, then you might know what it's like. You leave for church in the morning, and feel those sad eyes watching you as you depart.

Some folks at Olivet can relate to the guilt of leaving of a pet - and they decided to bring their pets with them. Pets are can worship too. Here is a Chihuahua puppy sitting on the pew with her friend.


Anonymous said...

I'm a pet lover and owner of a wonderful dog named Abbagail. But I'm not in favor of a blanket permission to allow pets in our Sanctuary. Where do you draw the line on what pets to let in? A Chihuahua is one thing but how about a Great Dane, or pet snake, or pet pig? My vote is to have one day to bless all the animals and that's it. Crabman

Rev Faith Lewis said...

A blessing of the Pets would be a great event for the whole community. I would even be willing to bless a pig , a rat or a snake. Or even a blue crab, though I would make it quick.