Monday, February 22, 2010

We are the Clay

Each Sunday before Easter, we will begin our time of worship by singing "Change my Heart O God".
The song, based on Isaiah 64, invites us to consider ourselves as formless clay in the hands of the Divine Potter.
Have you ever watched a potter work at a spinning wheel? It is quite a process. First, the clay is pounded, softened.. only then is it ready to take the form that the potter has envisioned. The potters hands plunge deep into the center of the clay and draw forth a beautiful shape. The result? A unique piece of pottery with the handprints of the potter all across it!
The season of Lent is a time for you and I to be reshaped by God. Consider that you are clay in the hands of God's grace. You can't spin yourself into shape. You need the hands of the Potter to draw forth your beauty.The process of becoming who you are is not self determined - although we would prefer to think we are in charge of our lives!

This Lenten season, ponder each day that God’s hands are holding you. Give yourself over to these Hands - surrender to the One who first formed you in your mothers womb, who sees you this day and loves you even more.

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